Instant Payday Loan: How and Where to Get it?

There are mainly two types of instant payday loans:

There are mainly two types of instant credits:

Mini-loan: allows you to obtain from 250 to 1,000 € in just 8-15 minutes, to return in one or six months, and with an average cost of approximately 1.1% per day, although it depends on each company.

Loan: allows to obtain between 2,500 and 4,000 € in about 24 hours, to be repaid in one to four years, and with an average cost of 8% TIN.

Personal loans: which allow you to obtain up to € 60,000 in just 48 hours. In this case, it must be returned in years, with an average interest of 6% TIN. In some cases, guarantee, payroll, endorsement or others are requested.

How to get instant payday loan?

How to get instant credit?

The easiest, easiest and fastest way : online. When all the processing is done online, it allows the data to be sent and received instantly, so the manager can check and study your case at the moment, and send the money to your bank account in minutes. This means that you can have your money right away and be able to solve the problem instantly.

For this, it is advisable to make use of online instant payday loan comparators, and see the conditions of each of them. Once you have compared several that fit the money or timeframe you need, you should visit the credit company’s website, and simulate the instant payday loan. Here you can check the fine print and final expenses.

Without losing more time, ask for the online form of the web page of the entity your credit, filling comfortably the data that they ask for: personal, credit, financial…

The manager will then get to work, and will study your case in minutes, as it has direct access to tax and delinquency data. Then, you will get your answer via online or by sms.

If your request has been approved instantly the transfer is made to your bank account.

How to protect yourself against extortion of loan?

A personal ID card is the most important document on the way to obtaining a loan or a loan. However, how can you ensure that someone who has not been called gets a loan for our data?

In recent weeks, there was a loud data leak from the government’s database and the possibility of stealing confidential data of a million citizens in this way. A moment later, a message was issued that no data leaked and they are fully safe and legally downloaded by the bailiff’s offices. But to tell the truth, this is not the only situation that has so far taken place, and taking loans for data of people who have no idea about it is a common phenomenon.

Should we have concerns that someone can take a loan or a loan for our data on an ID card at any time? Unfortunately, such a situation is possible and usually takes place when we lose our ID or provide information about our personal data to unutilized hands. If such a situation occurs and we will find out in time, we should as soon as possible reserve our ID card.

Disclaimer of ID – protection against extortion of credit

Disclaimer of ID - protection against extortion of credit

This is the first method that I would mainly recommend in a situation when we lost our identity card or it was stolen from us, or we realized that we gave our personal ID data to a person not authorized to do so.

There are several ways to reserve an identity document. We can do it in a bank and to do it as soon as possible, we can do it by phone. Unfortunately, not all of the banks accept such applications, but it should be easy for us in such banks. We can make reservations about the document regardless of whether we have an account in a given bank or not.

Disclaimer of proof can also be made at BIK or Credit Information Bureau, where we can do it even electronically, provided that we have an account with them. Here, just one click is enough to turn off the circulation certificate and the information about this from the machine goes to all banks in Poland. In this way, we effectively block the document from possible extortion of the loan. However, if in our situation there was also the theft of the document, we should also inform the police.

If, however, we did not pass on our data to our hands and we have not stolen the document, we do not have to go through such steps as above. If only we intend to protect ourselves in the future against such situations, it is worth using other methods that I will now tell you about.

Alerts at BIK

Alerts at BIK

The BIK alerts got loud in the media as soon as the leak from the database was revealed. In fact, I had the opportunity to write an article about this security a few months ago and I know that many people had the opportunity to reach this article.

What does Alert BIK protect us from? It mainly protects us from extorting a bank loan for our personal data. If we set up an account in BIK, then we will launch the mentioned SMS Alert in a situation when someone will want to take a loan from us in the bank, we will immediately receive an SMS and e-mail notification about the situation. This information will include detailed information about the bank in which the loan application has been submitted. If it was not us who applied for a loan and yet we received such an alert, we should immediately take the appropriate steps to reserve the document, which I wrote above.

Until now, the basic BIK account could have been run completely free for two months, however, when the avalanche with data leakage from the database started, the Credit Information Bureau decided to increase this period up to 12 months. So if we are interested in setting up a basic account at BIK, which includes the mentioned SMS Alerts, we can set them up for 12 months completely free of charge. After this period, we will be able to close them or extend them at a price of PLN 24 / year.

KRD – protection against extortion of loans or payday loans

KRD - protection against extortion of loans or payday loans

Most of the media reported that setting up an account at BIK can protect us from extortion of credit and this is true, but not full. The banks cooperate with BIK databases and not many loan companies. Currently, however, companies that provide non-bank loans, both in the form of payday loans and installment loans, are very popular. These companies, however, do not check the data of the borrower, ie the person applying for a loan through the BIK database. And if this is the case, only few companies do it today. Most of these companies provide loans based on debtors’ databases, which can be accessed for an unpaid phone bill or an invoice that has not been paid for on time. Most of these loan companies check the National Debt Register in this respect and if we want to fully protect against extorting a loan or a payday, we should set up an account with them.

The account protecting against phishing is a free FairPlay account, which will enable us to monitor the query register. Fortunately, this account is fully free, and if only someone asks about us through the KRD, we will receive a special notification of this fact.

To sum up – just setting up an account at BIK will not protect us fully against extorting a loan or loan. In the era of the popularity of loan companies and payday loans, which require only basic data to obtain a loan, it is worth to fully protect yourself by opening an account in KRD.

We must also remember to not pass on our personal data to outsiders, in particular to telemarketers calling us to us, or people knocking on our door, who can be referred to as people who are not actually.